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new purchases.. new MAD MEN dvd.. and an epic buy at a market.. CANON EOS 500 slr oh shit.. you can deny the amazingness of this camera



Call the Cops when you see Tupac!

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New gear is rad! you gotta love it.. back to shooting film and digital.. word son.





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big foulds

the baddest mother fucker around

mr strongman

pocket fox 1/3

pocket fox 1/3

superstar dj’s

went to milanos on friday night… got wasted filmed some shit and took some photos…

loving life

hi cindy


alvy singer

hi lou




Film School

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is pretty much what i do with my time these days.. and its exactly what you think it would be.. i watch alot of films.. talk alot about woody allen (who is a genuis) and talk alot of shit..

also someone please give me a job.. i have no money.. and when theres no money theres no beer.. and no beer is bad…


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this is my favourite band photos of all time.. its soo simple.. but so great..

it also helps that the horrors are fucking amazing

the homies! steady bloggin returns!

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night at jamies, robs and nicks.. epic times

boothy isnt really tall at all…

neither is oxley


pocket pricks


sex offender

welcome back kotter

we rasied money for the bushfire people


sexy as



neckbeard that shit

pocket fox


and the best photo ever

im back

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lack of blog..

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its been a while.. but i guess ive had alot of shit to do lately.. and with my luck changing in the fact that i now own Final Cut Express and Adobe After Effects .. most of my time goes to making films… and editing them.. and skateboarding.. its always good to find a new found love in something you have been doing for soo long.. and right now im pretty amped on skating.. 


also the people who know me pretty well … understands that i love most things american.. im not naive.. i understand that america is not all good.. but too me .. the thought of living in an apartment in soho in new york or for that matter anywhere in america is such an amazing thing…anyway… im about to get into bed and watch the US election… this excites me alot… im very interested in it and the candidates… i will be watching it all night and it will be amazing.. 


anyway ill blog again later tonight!

new ways… my new ways

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ive changed things up abit.. im working on being healthier! so healthy foods.. and stuff ahaha.. also im buying these new penguin books that are classics re-released .. yesterday i bought “THE GREAT GATSBY” im pretty ready to read it.. im going to start tomorrow in my break during work.. please reccomend some books for me.. also im working on some different intro’s for the skate video.. and some ideas which i write down in my moleskine notebooks.. 

oh and if you have some rad healthy tips for me! please let me know! im all about health these days! but i do still drink beers and coffee… that will never change..


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hmmmm i wonder what these 3 are up to…